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The Gloucestershire Local History Documents Online project  (GlosDocs) allows any Gloucestershire Local History Association (GLHA) group to “self publish” material online. 

This material might be complete articles, exhibition displays, research notes, image collections, maps, transcriptions, online versions of out of print publications or any other type of document.

This facility is not intended to replace the publishing of books, journals, monographs and pamphlets in hardcopy format which many groups do very successfully.

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Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology 

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Alkington, Lower Wick Mill (ruins near Newport, Bristol Road)       gd00702
Alvington, Cone Mill taken from high bank near house       gd02501
Alvington, Cone Mill from garden of house       gd02502
Ashchurch, Aston Mill       gd00301

TS/109 Accounts

Part 1 of 4       Pages 1 - 5

Pages 1-3.  Thames and Severn Canal Navigation 
from Ledger C Folio 524             14 October 1796 – 20 April 1798

Pages 4-5.  Nett Proceeds of Tolls of this  Navigation 
from Ledger C Folio 637            20 April 1798 – 7 November 1798

Page 5.  The Fire Engine at Thames Head
from Ledger C Folio 528            20 April 1798 – 7 November 1798