Terry Moore-Scott  January 2020

History records quite a number of writers of various sorts associated in diverse ways with Minsterworth. This three page article provides brief notes on the ‘Minsterworth connection’ of five of them.  

The list comprises:

  • The medieval court chronicler Walter Map (c.1130-c.1209/10) who is best known as the author of a written work entitled De Nugis Curialum.
  • Sir John Gwillim (1550-1620), a prominent court herald and ‘rouge croix pursuivant’ to the Crown.
  • Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), creator of the Sherlock Holmes novels.
  • H G Wells (1866-1946), who is generally regarded as the founder of modern science fiction.
  • F W Harvey (‘Will Harvey’) (1888-1957), the World War One poet and Gloucestershire Laureate – the writer with probably the strongest and most direct links with Minsterworth.