Redler of Stroud

by former Redler employees

This famous engineering firm had premises at Dudbridge, Stroud from 1932 until 2015. They made mechanical 
handling plant for all kinds of granular materials in every industry and many of their products were exported.

In about 1976, the firm commisioned an unknown author to write a history of the company. The project was not completed but the text of the first six chapters has survived and are available to download here, along with notes on various aspects of Redlers history compiled by former employees. We are grateful to Ken Poulton, former Technical Director at Redlers, who has kindly provided copies of these documents for inclusion here. 

Draft company history (text of the first six chapters c.1970s)
Redler Industries - Ken Poulton (2015)
HJH King notes - Ken Poulton (2006)
Redler notes - Ken Bucknell (2009)
Redler story - Doug Drake (2009)
Heritage notes - anon. (2009)
Redler history notes - anon. (not dated)
Redler merger - City Press (1961)
Redler clock - Doug Drake (2006)
Early technical development - Herbert Chamberlain (1975)
Redler brochure Process Plant for the Malting Industry (1978)
Redler brochure Cement Conveyors and Elevators (1979)