Charlton Kings Local & Family History Society

Subject Index for Research Bulletins Nos. 1 to 65 (1979 – 2019)

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Research Bulletin  1     Spring 1979

1. Charlton Park Fields Bernard Rawes
2. A Pension linked to a house in Cudnall 1421   by   M.J.Greet and M.Paget
3. A Muster in Charlton Kings 1608   by   M.J.Greet
4. Wager Court – plan and photograph of the house before alterations   by   Mrs.H.Bennett and G.Ryland
    The history of the house   by   M.Paget and J.Paget
5. Robert Hawthorne’s House   by   M.Paget
6. Roads through Charlton Kings since 1700 M.Paget
7. “A Maniac’s Chain” – the Parish Workhouse in Charlton Kings 1826-1842   by   M.J.Greet
8. One of our Lost Houses – The Grange Horsefair Street, The Grange as I remember it, Miss D.Hawkins
9. J.F.Fry, Headmaster, Charlton Kings Boys’ Council School – an appreciation   by   G.Ryland

Research Bulletin  2     Autumn 1979

Cover: The Old Church House
1. Thomas Robins ‘The Limner of Bath’ and his Charlton background
    a. his family and family home
    b. his children, and his investment in Charlton property
    c. his views of Mr.Prinn’s house at Charlton Park   by   M.Paget
    d. the distant scene in Robins’ view of Charlton Park   by   P. Love
2. A token from the Royal Hotel presented by Mr. J.Barnfield
3. Payments relating to the Militia Service 1750-1914   by   M.J.Greet
4. A Charlton Character – Tom Smith   by   G.Ryland
5. The Grange, 7 Horsefair Street, further information and plan   by   D.Hawkins and K.Venus
6. The Valuation of land on Southfield farm made July 1810, A Study in Land Values and Usage   by   J.Paget
7. The Tailor of Gloucester – a few more stitches   by   S.Fletcher
8. Frind Cregoe and Moorend Park   by   S.Fletcher and M.Paget

Research Bulletin  3     Spring 1980

1. One Sunday Afternoon   by   G.Ryland
2. Photograph of Church Street c.1900
3. The manor of Ham and Ham Court   by   H.M.C.Bennett and M.Paget
4. Ham House   by   M. Paget
5. Routes to Ham   by   H.M.C. Bennett
6. Ham bridge and Ham Lane
7. The Boy Visitor; and Buff Blowing   by   J. Williams and others
8. Education in Charlton Kings – Schools   by   H.M.C, Bennett and M. Paget
    Sampler from the school   by   Mrs. and Miss Bick
    “Boss Fry”, from school group
9. The “Book of Proceedings” – a study of Education in the National School, Horsefair Street, 1831-1855   by   J. Paget
10. Growing Up in Charlton Kings in the 1900s   by   A. Hopkins
11. A parish treat c. 1904 (photograph)
12. “Through the Looking-Glass” house – Hetton Lawn, Lewis Carroll, and the Liddell family   by   S.Fletcher, P.R.Sword, E. Armitage, K.Venus and M.Paget
13. Grove House, Cudnall   by   M. Paget
14. Charlton Kings Parish Workhouse (2)   by   M.J.Greet
15. Ghosts?   by   H.M.C.Bennett
16. Roads through Charlton Kings – the London Road   by   M.Paget and K.Venus
17. Trouble in Charlton Kings 1708   by   M.Greet and M.Paget
18. Notes and Comments

Research Bulletin  4     Autumn 1980

Cover: Grotesque on west end of church
1. Keeping a pig   by   G. Ryland
2. Early Charlton Kings wills   by   M.J.Greet
3. Pump and Stocks, drawing by K. Venus
4. Churchwardens’ accounts 1751-1801   by   H.M.C.Bennett
5. The parish of Charlton Kings
6. One of our lost houses – Ham House   by   J.C.Main
7. Frank Arthur Lacey, sadler (1890-1977)   by   M.Wilcox
8. A famous historian at Charlton Kings   by   R.Beacham
9. ‘Phillimore’ – Charlton Kings parishioners married in other parishes 1640-1837   by   T.Barnes
10. Education in Charlton Kings II
    (1) Some Notes on Coltham Fields Infants’ School   by   S.Blake
    (2) Higgs’ Night School before 1880
    (3) Holy Apostles’ School, the start   by   M.Paget
11. Development of Charlton Kings – Church Place   by   M.Paget
12. A Memory of The Endeavour   by   L.Hatherall
13. “An Ancient Road” through Charlton Kings
14. Notes and Comments
Back cover: Reflection on our roads   by   J.Paget

Research Bulletin  5     Spring 1981

Cover: Detmore C.1880
1. Obituary – Peter Kendall   by   The Chairman
2. “Starlight”, told and illustrated by G.Ryland
3. A Charltonian Born and Bred – appreciation of George Ryland
4. A Dispute over the Will of Alice. Lynet, widow, 1551-3   by   M.J.Greet
5. Bishop Hooper’s Visitation 1551   by   M.J.Greet
6. Detmore and the Dobell family
    (i) The house described as Longfield   by   M.Paget
    (ii) The Dobell family   by   C.W. Dobell
    (iii) Boyhood Memories of Detmore, Part 1   by   J.Williams
7. Education in Charlton Kings III – Private Schools and Tutors c.1800-1850   by   P.Kendall
8. Charlton Kings Fire Brigade
    (i) Fireman’s helmet worn by Mr Neather senior
    (ii) Reminiscences of Mr. Frank Neather and others
9. Policing Charlton in the Twenties – an appreciation of Police Sergeant John Hughes by his son, I.V.Hughes
10. Councillor John Hughes and World War II   by   M.Paget
11. Cider-making at Ryworth House in 1934 note by C.Robinson
12. For Cider read Perry   by   J. Paget
13. Memorials in St. Mary’s Church, Charlton Kings   by   Simon Fletcher
14. The House now Whitefriars School   by   M. Paget
    The Hartland family of Oaklands   by   E.Armitage
15. Charlton Chapel and the National School 1836-7   by   S.Blake
16. Seventy Years Ago   by   E.W.Broome
17. Notes and Comments
18. On Editing Bulletin no. 5   by   J.Paget

Research Bulletin  6     Autumn 1981

Cover: Home Farm, Little Herberts
1. Old Charlton   by   G.Ryland
    a) The Royal Hotel
    b) The Rec
    c) The Bus
2. Horsefair Street and The Royal in 1888 (drawing)
3. Two of our Lost Houses – Memories of Longleat, Horsefair Street, and Home Farm, Little Herberts   by   C.M.Herbert
    Home Farm, Longleat, and the Chapman family   by   M.Paget
4. Charlton Wills 1547-1558   by   M.J.Greet
5. It isn’t like the Old Days – Recollections   by   F.Neather
6. Detmore Continued
    a) Detmore in 1594-5, another early reference   by   M.J.Greet
    b) Cooking at Detmore   by   W.Keen
    c) Boyhood Memories of Detmore, Part 2   by   J.Williams
        A Victorian Romantic Walkway beside the Chelt Catching Crayfish in the Chelt Great Aunt Bella’s Pressed Flowers
7. Charlton Kings Vestry Books 1698-1793   by   B.Middleton
8. Tokens found in Water Lane by Mrs. Rose, report
9. More on Looking-Glass House
    a) A Carroll Riddle and The Magic of Lewis Carroll   by   D.Copson
    b) The Look!ng-Glass, with illustration by K.Venus
    c) Alice and Oxford, a review of Mrs, Mavis Batey’s book Alice’s Adventures in Oxford (1981)
    d) The later history of Hetton Lawn   by   M.Paget
10. “Cider” Mills in Charlton; a Charlton cider press   by   A.Mitchell
    Photograph of the mill at Ashgrove Farm   by   M.Wilcox
11. Two     18th century gentlewomen, Hester and Theophila Brereton   by   J.Paget
12. The House called Charlton Villa (now Ashley Firs)   by   M.Paget
13. A last look at the Endeavour   by   Mr. and Mrs. Worboys
14. A Railway Centenary,     1 June 1881   by   M.Paget
15. Notes and Comments   by   M.Paget

Research Bulletin  7     Spring 1982

Cover: Our Green man
1. The Green Man on St. Mary’s Hall   by   J.Paget
2. Charlton Kings Boy Scouts (7 Cheltenham Troop)   by   G.Ryland
3. A Charlton Scout: and the Real “Starlight”   by   S.C.Welch
4. A Roman Settlement on Wistley Hill   by   B.Rawes
5. The Name “Vineyards”   by   M.Paget
6. The Hartland Pedigree
7. Nathaniel Hartland and The Oaklands   by   P.Love
8. Charlton Kings and the Hundred of Cheltenham in 1327: a note on the Lay Subsidy Roll   by   M.J.Greet
9. Copt Elm and Lyefield Roads – What was there before?   by   M.Paget
10. The Bus, and “Charlton’s Greetings to the Prince of Wales” 1897
11. Boyhood Memories of Detmore, Part III
    (a) Art and Science at Detmore
    (b) The Motts at Detmore
    (c) Detmore House in Trouble   by   J.A.Williams
12. An Early Deed for land in Naunton   by   M.J.Greet
13. A Long Life – Memories of Alfred William Keen 1860-1953   by   W.Keen
14. A Day at the Fair, 1912 (photograph)
15. Reuben Pates   by   M.E.Wilkins
16. An Old Cider Press restored in 1981
17. The Alice Riddle Solved!   by   N.Pringle
18. The Old Days — Just a few more Recollections   by   F.Neather
19. Gloucestershire Historical Studies   by   M.J.Greet
20. A Grant towards Publication –   by   M.J.Greet

Research Bulletin  8     Autumn 1982

Cover: The Charlton Park Eagles
1. Charlton Kings Boy Scouts (7th Cheltenham Troop)
    (a) The Acolyte
    (b) Coln St Aldwyn
2. The Grevlll Pedigree   by   M.Paget
3. The Forden or Forden House (now Charlton Park) and Forden Bank Road   by   M.Paget
4. The three Sir William Russells of Charlton Park   by   C.W.K.Donaldson
5. Charlton teams – some old photographs   by   Mr. and Mrs. E.Skinner
6. A More Precise Date for the Dedication of the     12th century Chapel at Charlton Kings   by   M.J.Greet
7. St. Mary’s bells   by   J.Walker
8. A Will, an Inventory, and a Speculation   by   J.Paget
9. Isaac Bell: Gardener Rhymer   by   M.J.Greet
10. Notes and Comments

Research Bulletin  9     Spring 1983

Cover: New Court or The Court House
Charlton Kings Boy Scouts (7th Cheltenham Troop) The end of a Trail   by   G.Ryland
2. George Ryland exhibition,     4-9 December 1982
3. The Lyefield   by   M.Paget
4. The Value of Agricultural Products In 1552   by   M.J.Greet
5. Tobacco Growing in Charlton Kings   by   M.Paget
6. Ridge and Furrow in Charlton Kings in 1982   by   J.Hill
7. New Court, An Architectural Report   by   L.Hall
    An Historical Interpretation   by   M.Paget
8. Charlton Chapel: Speculation   by   M.J.Greet
9. Cider Mills in Charlton Kings – Ryeworth House   by   G.Bray (nee Hughes)
10. Apprenticeship and Bastardy: A Review of the Charlton Records   by   M.J.Greet
11. The River Pill   by   T.Baldwin
12. Folk Dance Team, 1949
13. The Hamlett Family   by   G.B.Lane
14. Providence Place
15. Isaac Bell: Further News   by   M.J.Greet
16. Reuben Pates – another recollection   by   M.E. and J.F.Wilkins
17. An Ancient Road   by   M.J.Greet
18. Notes and Comments
    (1) Parish Outing, corrcction to Bulletin no. 3   by   E. Green
    (2) A Charlton Sale notice, contributed by Dr. J.V. Ruffell
    (3) The Local Historian August 1962, notice
    (4) Robins family, notice of book by J.A. Robins (1982)
    (5) Vineyards Farm site
    (6) Corrections to Bulletin no. 8   by   W. Evans
    (7) Corrections to Bulletin no. 6   by   G.B. Lane

Research Bulletin  10     Autumn 1983

A Meet of the Cotswold Hounds at Lilleybrook     1      
Fete at Lilleybrook
Lilleybrook: Recollections   by   G.Ryland     2
A Note on Lilleybrook House   by   M.Paget     4
Turnpike Roads through Charlton Kings   by   M.Paget     5
Plan of Roads in the Cheltenham District c.1870   by   K.Venus           7
Charlton House   by   M.Paget     8
Plan of grounds from Spirax News     12
Robert Buckley Podmore, An Edwardian Schoolboy   by   C.W.K.Donaldson     13
Mr Podmore remembered   by   W.Keen     16
The Charlton Kings Mummers Play   by   G.Davies     16
A Bafford Tenement in 1403, comment on deed     18
Edgar Neale, Vicar of St Mary’s 1906-1937,     20
    Recollections of W.Keen, F.Neather, M.Wilkins, P.Davis, M,Davis, D.H.Davis, J.A.Williams, E.Stuart and M.Paget
Charlton Kings Parish Register 1635-1700   by   H.Middleton     30
Some Population Figures for Charlton Kings and Cheltenham 1546-1801: an Interim Note   by   M.J.Greet     34
Anthony Webb, the Persistent Witness   by   J.Paget     36
Pilford Brickworks   by   R.C.Hunt     39
Notes and Corrections
    (1) To Bulletin no.9 p.36   by   M.J.Greet     48
    (2) To Bulletin no.8, the Grevill Family   by   M.Paget     48
    (3) To Bulletin no.9, p>50, the Revd Mr.Chapone   by   M.J.Greet     48
    (4) Charlton Kings Parish Registers I 1538-1634 ed. E.Armitage     43
    (5) Plays Forbidden in Cheltenham, 1611     49
    (6) Arson at The Knapp, 1769   by   Dr Rufford     50
    (7) George Ryland Exhibition     2     50

Research Bulletin  11     Spring 1984

Cover: The Stocks
Obituary, C.W.K.Donaldson   by   M.J.Greet     1
Four till Bedtime, told and illustrated   by   G.Ryland     2-5
Getting into Trouble, 1585-1635   by   M.Paget     5-10
The Sewer Story, Part I   by   B.Middleton     10-20
A Charlton Girl in New Mexico   by   M.A.Sandoval     20-21
Emigrating to New Zealand in 1848   by   D.Copson     21-23
The Cudnall Beedle Messuages; Cowell Orchard;
Cowell Lane: The New Cirencester Road   by   M.Paget     23-29
A Family of Craftsmen and Husbandmen – the Cleevelys of Charlton Kings, Part I   by   M.Paget     29-43
Not the History of Charlton Kings? A Cautionary Note   by   M.J.Greet     43-45
As We Were – Reminders of our Younger Days,     45-48
Notes and Comments     49-51
    (1) The Old London Road and the Public Spring in Spring Bottom   by   B.Middleton
    (2) Addendum, Bulletin no. 10 p.35   by   M.J.Greet
    (3) Correction, Bulletin no. 10 p.34   by   M.J.Greet
    (4) The Local Historian, November 1983   by   M.J.Greet
    (5) Parish Register I. corrections

Research Bulletin  12     Autumn 1984

Cover: Glenfall House
Sir Thomas Phillipps and his link with Charlton Kings   by   M.Paget     1-2
Lieutenant-General Molyneaux and his Circle   by   K.Buckland     2-9
The origin of Glenfall House   by   M.Paget     10-14
Recollections of Glenfall and the Mitchell Family   by   Mrs. Trafford-Smith     15-17
Childhood Memories of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell   by   Mrs. Davis
Careful Fathers   by   J.Paget     17-21
The Sewer Story, Part 2   by   B.Middleton     21-27
Samuel Deighton of Charlton, Chirurgeon   by   H.Middleton     27-28
Not the History of Charlton Kings; the Civil War   by   M.J.Greet     28-29
Memories of Sandy Lane   by   E.Ivelaw-Chapman     30-31
More Recollections about the Revd. Edgar Neale   by   St. Clair Welch and J.Wilkins     31-32
The Girl with the Bonnie Brown Hair   by   Marjorie Hamlett     32-33
A Charlton Childhood   by   A.E.Palmer     33-36
Sketch of the thatched cottage in School Road by the late H.V.C.Kolman
The Creche   by   H.Bennett     36
A Family of Craftsmen: the Cleevelys of Charlton Kings, Part 2   by   M.Paget     36-42
Charlton Research: Information contributed by M.J.Greet     43-44
    1. Evidence for the status of Cheltenham Parish Church c.1162-4
    2. Date of a medieval deed
    3. Hearth taxes
    4. Land Tax 1710
    5. Thomas Robins: a detail
    6. A Charlton-born Bibliophile – Ernest Hartland
A Genealogistts Lament, or An Old Song Resung   by   J.Paget     44

Research Bulletin  13     Spring 1985

Cover: East Court
The Magic Ointment   by   G.Ryland     1-2
Coincidence   by   G.Ryland     2-3
Charlton Kings and the Lay Subsidy of 1334   by   M.J.Greet     3-4
Some Medieval Deeds of the     14th and     15th century   by   M.J.Greet     4-7
Was there an “Oratory” in Charlton 1339-40?   by   M.J.Greet     8
The Development of East End     8-26
    A. Ancient Tenements at East End
    B. A Court House for Ashley Manor
    C. East Court
        (a) Blake’s messuage
        (b) A strip of Pound Piece
        (c) Bowyer messuage
        (d) Shill’s land, previously Ballinger’s and Lewis’s
        (e) Land in Castlefield
        (f) Site of The Hearne
        (g) Ballinker’s and Lewis’s
        (h) Steel’s Alley
        (i) Symmonds’ cottages
        (j) Mansell’s cottage
        (k) The whole estate
    D. Over House   by   M.Paget
The Ark Clapham’s Corner, The Ark, and Detmore Cottages     26-27
The East End Prayer Group   by   M.Smith     27-28
The Fox and Goose: and Fosset Green   by   M.Paget and M.French     28-30
A Walk down the Road – Looking Back Sixty Years
A letter from Canada   by   Alan Thomas
Cotswold Inn, postcard     30-33
Charlton Kings Parish Register     1, Some Observations   by   D.Copson     34-35
The Cleevely Story Part 3   by   M.Paget     35-47
Greenway Lane and the Brave Wanklyns   by   J.Williams     48
Two Light-hearted Stories about the Rev. Edgar Neale and Greville Hamlett   by   J.Williams     49
Cowell Lane, A Corroboration   by   M.Paget     49
COorrection to Bulletin no. 12     49

Research Bulletin  14     Spring 1985

Cover: The Church
The Medieval Church   by   M.Paget     1
    (1) The Foundation
    (2) The Chantry
    (3) The Tower
    (4) The late medieval church
    (5) The church in the 16-17th centuries print of the church in 1823
Mean Stipends, A Wandering Minister, and a Company of Scabnells – the church 1609-1624   by   H.Middleton     12
Sir Baptist Hicks, Jesus College Oxford, and the Living   by   M.Paget     17
The Royal Arms in Charlton Kings Church   by   J.C.Soulsby     21
Church Fabric and Furnishings 1700-1875   by   M.Paget     24
The Churchyard and its Wall   by   J.Paget     27
    (1) the old churchyard
    (2) churchyard extension
    (3) the churchyard wall
A Tragedy in the Churchyard 1855   by   Simon Fletcher     32
Restoration and After (Photograph of the church c.1890)   by   M.Paget     32

Research Bulletin  15     Spring 1986

Cover: Charlton Cottage, formerly Joyce’s
Attwood’s Corner, postcards c.1900,  by   G.Ryland     1-5
Cheltenham (and most of Charlton Kings) in 1294 – An Extent of the manor   by   M.Paget     6-10
A Rental of Cheltenham Manor c.1450 – the Charlton Section   by   M.Paget     10-18
Charlton Cottage, 10 School Road, formerly called Joyce’s     18-27
    (i) the History of the house   by   M.Paget
    (ii) an Architectural Report   by   L.Hall
Barns Hay: the Site of the Baptist Church, the Vine,
and property late Morris’s   by   M.Paget     27-34
Running ‘The British Workman’   by   E.Mason     34
Baptists in Charlton Kings     34-35
  by   M.J.Greet
Thornton’s Row – Site of Manse   by   M.Paget     35-36
Copt Elm – Site of Charlton Lawn   by   M.Paget     36-38
Below Stairs at Charlton Lawn     38-47   by   M.Zebedee
‘The Skill in the Hands’ – a life as a craftsman   by   F.Taylor     47-49
The Cheltenham and District Light Railway Company: Looking Back     70 Years   by   E.Green     49-51
Another Tocsin – poems of Isaac Bell on Parish Clerks   by   M.J.Greet     51-53
The Cleevelys in America – a postscript to the family story   by   D. and P.Milner     53-54
Notes     54
    (i) John de Cheltenham   by   M.J.Greet
    (ii) Enquiry about the Smith family   by   H.Booty
    (iii) Glenfall – occupiers   by   M.Paget
    (iv) Unlawful Activity in 1731   by   M.J.Greet

Research Bulletin  16     Autumn 1986

Cover: The Font
In Situ   by   G.Ryland     1-2
Stories in Stone   by   N.Pringle     2-10
The Tower, drawn by Ken Venus     10
A History of St Mary’s Bells   by   J.Kidley     11-27
How the Vestry Hall became the Parish Centre   by   B.Middleton     27-34
Services at St Mary’s   by   M.Paget     35-40
The Daughter Church: the first years of Holy Apostles   by   M.Paget     41-43
Ministers and Incumbents at St Mary’s   by   M.J.Greet and M.Paget     43-54
Beating the Bounds   by   M.Paget     55
Under a Pew   by   Eric Miller     55
How Banjo Evans lost his job   by   Eric Cleevely     55-56
Comments on Bulletin no. 14     56
    (1) Photograph of interior   by   J.Williams
    (2) Date of Processional Cross   by   M.Paget
    (3) Vestry Extension 1917   by   H.G.Ellard
    (4) The Chantry   by   M.Paget

Research Bulletin  17     Spring 1987

Cover: Elborough Cottage, Cudnall Street
Poem on the occasion of George Ryland’s     90th birthday, 1982   by   C.Wise     1
Trial by Fire-Water, told and illustrated by G.Ryland     2-4
The New Broom   by   M.Paget     4-5
Elborough Cottage – history   by   M.Paget and E.Armitage and J.Paget     5-12
Elborough Cottage – architectural report and photographs   by   L. Hall     12-29
Bygone Days   by   E.Cleevely     30-31
A Charlton Kings Friendly Society   by   M.J.Greet     31
The Origins of Rosehill Street   by   S.Blake     32-37
A Lunatic in Bethlem Hospital: 1770-1782   by   M.J.Greet     38
An Early Proposal for a Railway through Charlton Kings, 1836   by   A.Johnson     38-42
Memories of Some School Days in Charlton Kings c.1916-1921   by   E.Linder     43-46
Miss Roche as I remember her   by   M.Paget     47-48
    (1) The Ryland Family   by   G.Ryland     48
    (2) Charlton Ministers   by   E.Miller, R.Ash and J.Sale
    (3) Wartime Peals

Research Bulletin  18     Autumn 1987

Cover: The east side of King’s House, formerly Hawthorne’s
Graduation, told and illustrated by G.Ryland     1-4
The Hawthorne family   by   M.Paget     5
The house, photographs, plans and architectural report   by   L.Hall     6-14
Architectural glossary   by   L.Hall     14-15
Bygone Days (2) Thomas Hall   by   E.Clevely     16-17
Our Common Rights, Charlton Common   by   M.Paget     17-20
“Disgraceful State of Things on Leckhampton Hill”   by   Simon Fletcher     20-22
“Poaching” 1810   by   M.J.Greet     22
Aspects of Charlton’s Social History, from Wills, Part I 1559-1582   by   M.J.Greet     22-27
Vandalism in Charlton Kings 1763   by   A.J.H.Sale     27
Some Charlton Residents buried at Leckhampton   by   E.Miller     27
Fund Raising 110 Years Ago     27-28
As We Were – the Church in 1905 and East End before the coming of the motor car   by   Mrs Roberts     29
A War Memorial for Charlton Kings and old photograph   by   Simon Fletcher     30-31
Our district Nurses   by   M.Paget     31-32
Bringing Your House Up to Date photographs of     45 Little Herberts C.1900, c.1930; and now   by   Mrs Larner     32-34
Sappercombe Lane 1930   by   F.Baldwin     34
Charlton in 1617, taken from the Extent of the Manor of Cheltenham by John Norden senior and junior   by   M.Paget     35-40
Some evidence from Horsefair Street or Hollow Lane 1987   by   M.Paget     41
Note on “Poaching” l8l0     41

Research Bulletin  19     Spring 1988

Cover: The Working Men’s Club and Institute c.1904
The Correspondence Course   by   G.Ryland     1-3
Charlton Kings Working Men’s Club and Institute 1885-1908   by   O.R.Stinchcombe     3-14
Bygone Days (3) – The Water Pipe   by   E.Cleevely     14-16
Cottage Interiors – Charlton Inventories 1660-1760   by   J.Paget     16-20
Elborough Cottage – tail-piece to Bulletin no. 17   by   A.Mitchell     20
Another Walk down Memory Lane   by   A.Thomas     20-22
Champions of Yesteryear – Charlton St. Mary’s team   by   F.Cox     22-24
Samuel Ellis – What happened to him?   by   J.Sale     24-25
The Frampton Flora and Charlton Kings   by   J.Sale     25
Some Charlton Extracts from the Gloucester Journal 1749-1782   by   A.J.H.Sale     25-26
Corn growing in Charlton 1380   by   M.J.Greet     27
An early emigrant to America   by   S.C.Pethybridge     27-28
The last of the Pollard Willows   by   M.Paget     28
Little Herberts Identified – Part 1   by   M.Paget, A.Mitchell     28-35
Field Cottages Transformed   by   M.Paget     36-38
Another medieval deed – Land called ‘Holebeche’ 1459   by   M.Paget     40
Over House and Nether House, East End   by   M.Paget     40-42

Research Bulletin  20     Autumn 1988

Cover: Ham Court, the “Cottage”
The Urban District Council, and the Council Chamber built 1901   by   G.Ryland     1-3
Three Men and a Horse   by   E.Cleevely     3-4
Ham Court – photographs, plans and architectural description   by   L.Hall     5-16
Ham Court, the story continued     16-26
    (1) Recapitulation   by   M.Paget
    (2) The Interior of Ham Court in 1685   by   J.Paget
    (3) Ham Court before 1734 – portrait of Mary Tracy
    (4) The Great Chancery Case, Heirs of Mary Dodwell
    (5) Ham Court in the     19th century   by   M.Paget
Ham Hill South   by   J.Sale     26-29
The Log Book of Higgs’ Night School 1877-1396   by   H.Middloton     30-33
A Minor Road Diversion and the Development of the London Road {Oxford Place and Terrace)   by   M.Paget     33-37
The Jordan Family of tfithyholt   by   J.Sale     37-39
Church Music at St.Mary’s 1810-1824   by   M.Paget and R.Ash     39-40
Tom Smith of Thornton’s Row, photographs     40-43
Bobby’s Alley in the 1930s, (photograph)     43
The End of 100 Years in Business – Dale’s,     44-45
A History of Charlton Kings – some corrections     45
Over House   by   Mrs.Petts     45

Research Bulletin  21     Spring 1989

Cover: Sandford Mill in 1957
Bundling, Three Acres of Carol Singing and Christmas Bass   by   G.Ryland     1-5
Water Mills in Charlton Kings   by   M.Paget     5-14
Nobby’s Hymn   by   E.Cleveley     14-15
Can you find a caption? (photographs)     15-16
The 7th Cheltenham (Charlton Kings) Troop of B.P. Scouts in 1910   by   M.Paget and E.J.Fear     16-17
Recollections of the Charlton Kings Scouts During two World Wars   by   E.J.Fear     18
Charlton Kings Scouts c.1919   by   Mr. Ellard     19-20
“Beating the Bounds” c1880 reprinted from The Charltonian May 1926     20-22
Detmore after the Dobells     22-24
    (1) Miss Mabel Catherine Malleson of Detmore   by   J.Sale
    (2) Miss Clarence and Miss Fison   by   Mrs Nesta Hall (nee Lewis)
    (3) Restoration at Detmore 1986   by   L.Poraj-Wilczynska,
and N Suckling
Little Herberts Identified II   by   L.Hall     25-26
Second Thoughts about Ham Court   by   L.Hall     27
The Knapp, demolished 1975-6   by   M.Paget     28-29
Glenfall, another link in its history   by   J.Sale     29-30
Graves at East Court, (photograph)     30-31
The Public Spring, Spring Bottom (photograph)     31-32
Field Cottages and the Development of Church Street   by   M.Paget     32-33
The Way it Was, Living in Charlton Kings in the twenties and thirties   by   F.Kilby     33-34
The Day I was arrested! and other Memories   by   A.Mitchell     34-35
Balcarras Brook and Crab Bridge   by   M.Paget     35-38
The Working Mens1 Club, an illustration c.1904   by   O.Stinchcombe     39

Research Bulletin  22     Autumn 1989

Cover: The porch of The Hearne
A Little Lamb   by   G.Ryland     1
First Night in France   by   G.Ryland     2
The Hearne – The Site and its Owners
(Ball, Sperringe, Moulder, Bradshav,
Nicholson, Mercer)   by   M.Paget     5
The Heame, photographs from sale particulars of     24 November 1987     13
Sketch of the Career of Mr. A.W.Martyn (1870-1947)   by   J.Whitaker     15
The Martyns and The Hearne – Recollections of a grandson   by   J.Whitaker     16
Bygone Charlton     27
    (1) Strong Medicine
    (2) That Shop in Church Street   by   E.Cleveley
Charlton Kings Engineer Volunteers   by   M.J.Greet     28
Charlton Kings Choral and Orchestral Society (1904/5 and 1920)   by   M.J.Greet     29
A London Silversmith Buried here   by   A.Sale     31
The Parish Surgeon in 1829   by   M.J.Greet     31
A “Jubilee” line, note and photographs   by   D.Copson     31
Temperance and the Band of Hope in Charlton Kings 1865   by   M.J.Greet     32
Education in Charlton Kings IV – A Further Note on Private Schools – Mrs. Arnott’s at Cambrian Villa   by   M.Paget     33

Charles Edward Hoddy, A Tribute   by   M.Verno. 35
As We Were – Two Views of Charlton     36
    (1) From the church tower 1888, showing Vestry Hall
    (2) Horsefair Street c.1900, showing Providence Place

Research Bulletin  23     Spring 1990

Cover: The Knappings
Obituary – George Ryland and Eric Cleveley     1
George’s Last Story – Baa – Beaume – Rumour Ryland completed by M.C.Ryland     2-5
Byegone Charlton   by   E.Cleveley     5-7
    (1) Mr Ryland’s Sketch – A tribute to a very special teacher.
    (2) Uncommon School Days
    (3) Hazards of a Hair Cut
    (4) The Simple Life
    (5) Charlton Kings Fire Brigade
The Knappings, an architectural survey   by   L.Hall     7-9
The Knappings and its occupiers     20-25
    (1) The Batten family
    (2) Successors to the Battens
    (3) The name Knappings
    (4) The Battens’ predecessors   by   M.Paget
A Bridge over the Lilleybrook 1729   by   M.Paget     25-26
Some Medieval Deeds from Naunton c.1250-1431   by   M.J.Greet     26-29
Our Oldest Place Name   by   M.Paget     29-35
Herbert Henry Martyn in Charlton Kings   by   J.Sale     35-36
Memories – Choir Boy, Scout, Craftsman   by   F.G.Taylor     37-42
The Merry Fellow in Cudnall Street   by   G.Tovey     42
The Hearne – Comments on Papers in Bulletin no. 22     43
Rate of Lay Subsidy – correction   by   M.J.Greet     43
Ham Hill South, Correction to Bulletin no. 20   by   M.Paget     43
A Review of A History of Charlton Kings     44
The Last Thatched Cottage in Charlton     44

Research Bulletin  24     Autumn 1990

Cover: The church from Horsefair Street
St Mary’s Octocentenary
    (1) A Minster Church and its Daughters     1-2
    (2) The Consecration of St Mary’s in 1190     2
    (3) St Mary’s South Aisle and Porch   by   M.Paget     3
    (4) Church Plate in Gloucester Cathedral Treasury   by   A.Sale     3-4
    (5) Portrait of J.F.S.Gabb from Vestry     5
    (6) Portrait of C.L.Dundas, from Vestry     5
    (7) Dundas in Tasmania, from information sent by Mrs. D.Freeman     6-9
    (8) The church c.1880, (photograph)     9-10
    (9) Thomas Hodson in Russia, note from Mrs. H.Thornton     10
    (10) The choir in 1906   by   R.Ash     10-11
    {11} A Choir Outing   by   F.Cox and R.Ash     11-12
    (12) St Mary’s as an Anglo-Catholic church   by   M.Paget     12-13
    (13) Our     740th celebration in 1940     13
    (14) Robert Deakin in 1947     14
    (15) Ministers at St Mary’s, additions   by   M.Paget     14-16
Charlton Kings Celebrates, 1902     17-20
Last Stories E.Cleveley     21-22
William Robins the Maltster and his sons   by   M.Paget     22-28
Mrs Ann Gardner of Brevels Haye, the Benevolent Aunt   by   M.Paget     29-36
Do you remember Dicky Doughnut”?   by   L.R.Bond     36-37
Deeds Speak – the Story of Thomas Brown   by   G.Tovey     38-39
Review – Gloucestershire Record Office Handlist     39
Additions and Corrections     40
A Nice Day Out (photograph)     41

Research Bulletin  25     Spring 1991

Cover: Old Vineyards Farm
The Prehistoric and Roman Site at Vineyards Farm   by   Bernard Rawes     1-10
Vineyards Farm, now Old Vineyards Farm     10-24
    Its history   by   M. Paget
    Architectural survey and photographs   by   L. Hall
Adams Caravans Ltd-New Era Works, Copt Elm Road   by   Mrs M.P. Prout     25-28
Beating the Bounds-Some Links between Charlton and Leckhampton   by   Eric Miller     29-30
A Charlton Nurse – Nurse Clifford     30
Memories of Springfield House (site of Nazareth House)   by   Damaris Hayman     31-36
An Unexpected find – a Nayar Temple sword in Charlton Kings   by   M. Paget     36-37
Mabel Catherine Malleson (1858-1931) a biographical note   by   Owen Stinchcombe     37-40
A War Time Warning     40
Some Charlton Trees (1) The Luccombe Oak   by   P.Love and M.Paget     41-42
Notes     42

Research Bulletin  26     Autumn 1991

Cover: Holy Apostles’ School and fountain
Holy Apostles, the Original Plan 1865   by   M.Paget     1
The National School and the New Church   by   J.Paget     2
Holy Apostles’ Choir 1876, (photograph)     3
Holy Apostles1 Choir 1916, (photograph)     4
Holy Apostles’ Fire 1970 (1)   by   Mrs.H.Bax     5
Holy Apostles’ Fire 1970 (2)   by   J.Cleveley (nee Maycock)     6
Vicars of Holy Apostles, as     1 remember them   by   J.Cleveley     8
Memories of Holy Apostles   by   G.Bray (nee Hughes)     9
Holy Apostles’ School (photograph) c.1900-1914     9
Miss Bloxsome of Bafford House, aged 100 May 1991, died June 1991, family papers   by   M.Paget     10
A Charlton Childhood Remembered   by   Mrs.F.Hancocks     10
Life at Battledown House 1910-1940   by   I.Trafford Smith     11
Home Thoughts from Abroad   by   Allan Thomas     10
The Horse Trough at East End, photo 1924     18
Little Herberts Farm (Cheltenham manor)   by   M.Paget     18
The Hewinsons at Little Herberts   by   Beryl Shill     28
Little Herberts Farm as remembered by A.Mitchell     31
Postscript, August 1991   by   M.Paget     31
The Pates Family of Charlton Kings   by   P.Crewe     31
Kdmund Carrington   by   P.Love     38
Cricket at Ryeworth, (photograph)     39
Last Days of Churchend Meese   by   Jack Summers     41
A Story of Charlton Kings during the First World War   by   F.G.Taylor     43
Charlton Trees (2), the Mulberry at Morlands Drive   by   M.Paget     46

Research Bulletin  27     Spring 1992

Cover: Little Manor, formerly Ryeworth Farm
1 Obituaries-Helen Bennett, Beryl Bick, Bert Thornton
2 Ryeworth Farm (Cheltenham Manor), its history   by   M.Paget
3 The farm in 1917, described by Mrs Williams (Bella Apperly)   by   M.Wilcox
4 Ryeworth Farm, an architectural survey   by   L.Hall
5 The Mitchell Family   by   Mrs. T.G.W.Mitchell
6 Possible ancient sites off Greenway Lane   by   A.Mitchell
7 The Ryeworth Cricket Club Photograph reconsidered   by   M.Paget
8 Memories of Ryeworth   by   Mrs. M.Prout
9 Holy Apostles Church; the Stickley family and Holy Apostles   by   W.E.Stickley
10 Holy Apostles’ School c1930-2, photographs
11 Holy Apostles’ Association Football Club 1911-12 (photograph)
12 The 1897 Non-Event; and the Randall Family   by   Mrs Phyllis Williams
13 Pruens Row, Church Street
14 A Man of Many Parts-Memories of Frederick Robert Martin by his daughter Mrs. F. Hancock
15 Some Charlton Characters   by   F. Taylor
16 Charlton Trees (3) The last Chestnut of Chestnut Walk   by   M.Paget
17 Notes on St. Mary’s History, with comments M.J.Greet

Research Bulletin  28     Autumn 1992

Cover: Wraxall House
Demesne lands of Cheltenham Manor in Charlton Kings   by   M.Paget     1
The later history of Stews, now Wraxall House   by   E.Armitage     5
A letter from Sir Nathaniel Wraxall     8
Wraxall House 1923-1953   by   A.Luna     9
Charlton Kings Home Guard   by   Ian Harris     11
Our Civil Defence   by   D.A.O’Conno. 18
The Orchards, Ham Road Gate to The Orchards   by   D.Jones     18
A “Victorian” kitchen garden, The Orchards   by   G.J.Grinnell     20
A branch of the Hamlett family in New Zealand   by   J.Sale     21
Two Hamlet family groups   by   R.Hamlet     22
Who was William Baughan gentleman?   by   M.Paget     25
Childhood Memories   by   M.Wilkons     27
Hill View, Church Piece   by   M.Wilcox     28
Off for the Day, (photograph)     28
At the Scout Camp, (photograph)     29
Road Widening in Church Street c.1700   by   M. and J.Paget     30
The Hambling and Hawkes families of Park Street and Ryeworth   by   I. D. Hambling     31
The Baghotts of Prestbury and Charlton Kings   by   J.Sale     32
William Bagnott Delabere’s account book   by   J.Sale     32
Late for School! Two Stories   by   M.Vernon and A.Thomas     32
Charlton Trees (4) The Withyholt Wellingtonia   by   M.Paget     34
Nefarious Goings-On, or Elementary Experiments with Explosions in Copt Elm Road   by   John Williams     35
Holy Apostle’s Choir c.1916   by   K.A.N.Mills     39
Research on War Dead 1914-1919   by   G.Sacker     40
John Thornely of Lilleybrook   by   R.Newcombe     41
Notes on Charlton Topics   by   M.J.Greet     41
Mr Taylor’s Tail Piece   by   F.Taylor     43

Research Bulletin  29     Spring 1993

Cover: Brevels Haye
Obituary – Fred Baldwin 1919-1992     1
Publication – John Bowen’s Reminiscences of my Life     1
Trials of a Schoolmaster – Part 1 In the Old School   by   J.Paget     1
Misnamed Roads   by   M.Paget     4
Brevels Haye, an architectural survey   by   L.Hall     4
The Story of Three Houses   by   M.Paget     14
    A. The Site     14
    B. Brevels Haye     14
    C. Churchend House/Brixton House/The Grange     23
    D. Glynrosa     27
Pigs Again!   by   M.J,Greet     30
Charlton Kings Benefit Society 1865     31
History of the Organ in the Parish Church of St Mary   by   R.Williamson32
Musical Appreciation!   by   J.Williams     33
New Court/Court House 1991-2     33
The History of Certain Lands in Coltham Field and Coltham Close 1735 to 1863   by   D.O’Conno. 36
Charlton Trees (4)-The Avenue   by   M.Paget     47
Notes and Corrections     48
Mr Taylor’s Tail Piece   by   F.Taylor     48

Research Bulletin  30     Autumn 1993

Cover: Church Street in 1824
Obituary of John Williams     1
Note on Express Trains though Charlton Kings   by   J.Williams
The development of Church Street/Charlton Street/     2-5
Crab End Way, South side   by   Mary Paget
    (a) The Forge
    (b) Barns Hay
    (c) Church Cottage
The Forge Shop in 1924     6
Dale’s shop (on the site of Crump’s)     7
Trials of a School Master II The 1870 and 1880 Acts and the New School   by   Joan Paget     7-10
Ryeworth Cricket Club     11-12
Samuel Hawkes of the Ryeworth Inn   by   Ivor Hamblmg     13
A Charlton tenant for Pates* land,     16th century     14
A True Story   by   Rosemary Ash     14
Romance at East Court   by   William A.Luke     14
Old Humphrey   by   onald Weekes     15-16
The 1557 and 1564 Inclosures   by   Mary Paget     16-24
Croft Avenue and the Hody Family     25
The Skeltons, the Herberts, and Detmore   by   Eric Armitage     26-32
Charlton Trees – the Churchyard Yew   by   Mary Paget     33
Notes and Comments, Research Bulletin no.28     34-35
(1) Scout Camp   by   I Williams
(2) The Hawkes family   by   D.O’Connor
(3) The Home Guard   by   D.O’Connor
(4) The Hamlet Family Mrs J.Newton
(5) The Burrows family Leckhampton   by   Eric Miller
On the Beeches Years Ago   by   Janice Weston     36

Research Bulletin  31     Spring 1994

Cover: Church Cottage, Horsefair
The Gloucestershire Military Survey of 1522   by   M. Paget     3-5
The 1327 Lay Subsidy     5
Charlton Chapel, Ryeworth   by   S.Pierce     5-6
Primitive Methodist Chapel   by   E.Armitage     6
Charlton Kings Boys’ School (iii) The Curriculum   by   J. Paget     7-9
Roads in 1811 – Extract from Charlton Park estate map   by   M. Paget     9-11
Pound Cottage and Church Cottage   by   M.Paget     12-13
Price of Land,     18th Century. The Hunts   by   M.Paget     13-14
Holy Apostles’ Church Council 1948   by   M.Prout     15
The CH A D S. M.   by   Prout     16-17
Charlton Kings Infant Welfare Party   by   M.Prout     17
Winter Memories   by   A.Thomas     18
Lye field Road Post Office and Edmund Bond   by   J.Philpott     18
The Parish House: Church Street, North Side: Laburnam Cottage   by   M. Paget     19-21
Over Thirty Years of Teas   by   G. Bray     22-23
Edgar Neale, Thirty Years Vicar of St. Mary’s, remembered by his great-nephew B. Ray     23-26
The Will of William Hawkes, Gentleman, 1880   by   D. O’Conno. 26-28
A Charlton Childhood   by   Mrs M. Hamlett     28-29
The Log, map by Nancy Pringle, comment by Dr M. Gelling     29-30
An Extra Curate for Charlton, 1532   by   M.J.Greet     30
East Court, 1993 Alterations     30-31
The End of Church Piece     31
J. J. W. Rigley, Boulton Villa (i) A Storm at the Easter Vestry Meeting 1854   by   E.Armitage     31-33
A Child’s Grave 1900   by   Mrs R. Bick     33
The Boroughs Family of Charlton   by   Mrs Pert (nee Boroughs)34

Research Bulletin  32     Autumn 1994

Cover: Park or Garden Cottages
Happy Days   by   Fred Turner     1-2
Charlton Memories   by   Percy Bridgman     2-3
The Development of Bafford Tithing   by   M. Paget     3-1I
Park or Garden Cottages-History   by   M. Paget     11-13
Park or Garden Cottages – Survey of No.     1   by   L.Hall     13-21
Park or Garden Cottages – Further Notes on No,     2   by   M. Pager     22-24
Problems at the Boys School   by   J. Paget     25-27
Export of Com from Gloucestershire M. Paget   by       27
The Thatched Cottage in School Lane Photograph     28
The Lane with Three Names   by   Rosemary Ash     29-31
Vineyards Farm in 1977   by   A.E.Dooley     31-32
References to Charlton Kings by Bigland   by   Jane Sale     32-33
J. J. W. Rigley and the Poor Rate Assessment   by   Eric Armitage     33-35
Corrections to Bulletin     31   by   M. Paget     35

Research Bulletin  33     Spring 1995

Cover: The Turnpike Gate
“Born in the Fields” (1)   by   R.Robinson ]-3
“Born in the Fields” (2)   by   A.Norman     3-5
Do you remember the Gordon Boys?   by   Percy Bridgman     5
Charlton Boys 1886     6
The Turnpike Gate – “Cheltenham from the Oxford Road Sept     10th (18)15”     7-8
A Peek at the Charlton Pikes 1851-1863   by   Eric Armitage     8-12
Hewletts Pike House, Greenway Lane Photograph     13
Charlton Kings Girls School c.l886-90 Photograph     14-15
Charlton Kings Fire Brigade c.l901-2 Photograph     16
Scout Camp at Bonrton on the Water 1927 Photograph     17
Charlton Kings Benefit Society and the Police   by   Mary Paget     18
Building the New School 1873   by   Daphne Doughton     18
The Curious History of 2 Cudnall St.   by   Mary Paget     19-23
Conversion of Coach-house, No. 4 Cudnall Street     29-30
Chemist’s Shop in London Road 1910 Photograph     31-32
Memories of Little Herberts   by   A.Mitchell     32-35
Holy Apostles’ Choir c.1945-9 and Note about Parish Council 1948   by   Mrs Joyce Young     36-37
Charlton Trees – Pollard Oaks on the Beeches and Catsbay   by   Mary Paget     37
Reminiscences of Park Collages and Charlton Park, arising from Bulletin no. 32   by   Mrs Jennings     38
Roof Beams of No     1 Park Cottages   by   Jane Sale     39
Mr Albert Cox by his daughter Mrs B.Sandalls     40
Notes:     40
    (1) Edmund Carrington and his brother
    (2) The Lane with Three Names Bulletin no. 32

Research Bulletin  34     Autumn 1995

Cover: Old Dole Farm
1. The Story of Percy James   by   R.Davis     1-2
2. Farming as it was Photographs   by   R.Davis     2-5
3. Old Dole Farm, history   by   M.Paget     6-7
4. Whithome House   by   M.Paget     7-12
5. The Two Coxhomes   by   M.Paget     13-14
6. The Whithome Family and Coxtiome Estate   by   M.Paget     15-21
7. Pedigree, Samuel Whithorne Lovesy’s descendants   by   C.J.S.Palmer     21
8. Ash grove and Sappercombe Farms   by   M.Paget     21-24
9. The Other Lovesys   by   Miss J.B.Lovcsy     25-26
10. The Village from the Church Tower 1973 Photograph     27
11. Turnpike Incidents extracted from Cheltenham Free Press 1836-1850 and Cheltenham Examiner 1851-2   by   E.Armitage     28-31
12. Then and Now, Expenses and Amusements   by   Mrs M.Prout     31-33
13. Cheltenham Settlement Examinations 1815-1826   by   J . Sale     33-37
]4, Captain William H.H.Morgan   by   P.Love     37-38
15. General Sir Henry Radford Norman KCB   by   A.J.L.Davies     38-39
16. Holy Apostles Choir 1948   by   Brenda Parr     40
17. Correction to Bulletin no. 32   by   M.Paget     40

Research Bulletin  35     Spring 1993

Cover: The Open Fireplace at Park Cottage
Update on Park Cottages   by   J.Sale     1-10
Development of Houses in Charlton Kings   by   M.Paget     11-13
Timbercombe Wood   by   M.Paget     13-20
Oh, What a Lovely War! Charlton Kings Boys School in W.W.I   by   J.Paget     21-24
Boys, Infants & Girls School Photographs   by   Mollie Denton     24-     28
School Days Remembered   by   Alan B.Thomas     29
George – A Milk Collector’s View of Life   by   M.Paget     29-30
Our Military Record:     30-31
    (1) Lt Col Martin Leggatt   by   P.Love
    (2) Captain William F.H.Morgan
    (3) Lt Gen Sir H. Radford Norman   by   D.O’Connor
Lovesy Family     32-33 Photographs
Corrections to Lovesy Pedigree in Bulletin no. 34     34
The Revd Thomas Nash DD   by   M.Paget     34
Pewing the Church 1824   by   M.Paget     34
Diverting a Right of Way   by   M.Paget     35
Ballengers 1514 to Today   by   J.Sale     35-36
Ballengers Family Tree   by   B J Ballenger

Research Bulletin  36     Autumn 1996

Cover: Charlton Park
Obituary: Peter Southerton   by   J.Sale     1
Update of New Court   by   L.Hall     2-5
Charlton Park – Plan and Development   by   M.Paget     6-10
The Russells of Charlton Park   by   M.Paget     10-11
No.49 Little Herberts   by   J.Sale     11-13
Three Crooke Brothers   by   P.Crooke     13-19
An Outstanding Teacher of Art   by   J.Paget     19-21
The Baptist Church c.1910     22
Souvenirs of 1945   by   I.Harris     23
Charlton Kings Celebrates 1945     24-26
Charlton Kings Infant Welfare Part I   by   M.Paget     27-29
Charlton Kings Infant Welfare Part II   by   J.Young     29-30
The Greenwood Family   by   M.Neville     31-33
Not In My Back Yard   by   J.Sale     34-35
Charlton s Bill of Health   by   J.Sale     35-39
    (1) The Magneticon   by   E.Miller     39
    (2) Electric Treatment In the C19   by   J.Sale     40
James Drove/Strowdes Lane   by   J.Sale     41
Schoolgirls Identified   by   G.Bray     41
Brevels Haye   by   P.Tuppen     42

Research Bulletin  37     Spring 1997

Cover: Spring Bottom
Obituary: Ken Venus   by   J.Sale     1
Crime in Charlton – 1221   by   M.Paget     1-3
Caylers Cottage and the Crump Family   by   M.Paget     3-4
“Behind The Merry” – From School Road to Hearne Brook   by   M Paget     5-10
Patronage of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Charlton Kings   by   J.Sale     10-20
The Burns Family Memorial from a Paper by T.Pulford     20-21
The Grevill Pedigree   by   E.Grivell & M.Paget     21-22
Sappercombe Cottage   by   J.Harding & M.Paget     23-26
More Recollections of My Young Days   by   F.Turner     27
Memories of School   by   W.H.James     27-30
Another Charlton School Poem by Isaac Bell   by   M.J.Greet     31
The Greenwood Family     31-32
Chariton Parish Magazine – March 1933   by   M.Paget     32-33
Organists at St Mary’s from 1927-1976   by   R.Ash     33
Benjamin Hack – inspector of Nuisances   by   J.Sale     34
The Choir of St Mary’s 1940   by   M.Bridgeman     35
The Mothers Union in 1934     35-36
Corrections to Bulletin no. 36   by   R.Daffum     37
Charlton Oaks   by   M.Paget     38
Review – An Historical Gazetteer of Cheltenham   by   M.Paget     39

Research Bulletin  38     Autumn 1997

Cover: Churchyard in 1824
Churchend – Houses round the Church   by   M. Paget     1-5
Memories of St.Mary’s Choir   by   W.H.James     6-11
The Higgs Family in Cheltenham and Charlton Kings   by   M.J.Francis & M.Paget     12-15
‘A Cruse covered with Silver’   by   J.Sale     15-16
Kingsmead, Castle fields & Kingsmead Lane   by   M.Paget     6-21
Development at the Gravel Pit, East End   by   M.Paget     21-22
Discovery at Coates Nursery   by   John Coates     22
Revolution in Charlton Kings   by   D.Copson     23-25
A Vestry Meeting   by   E.Armitage     26
Charlton Kings Infant School   by   Edith James & Mary Washington     27-28
Oral History – Gladys Green   by   I.Harris & J.Sale     28-30
Church Faculties   by   J.Sale     30-37
Griffiths the Coal Merchant   by   R.Daffum & Mrs Parkes     33
The End of the Diamond Sanitary Laundry   by   J.Paget     39
Book Review   by   R.Ash     39

Research Bulletin  39     Spring 1998

Cover: West View of Lilleybrook
Obituary: Mrs Millicent Smith, centenarian     1
Corrections to Bulletins nos.36 and     10     1
The Lords of Lilleybrook   by   M.Southerton     1-8
Oral History Project – Mrs Olive Wrathall   by   I.Harris & J.Sale     8-10
Theft at St Mary’s   by   M.Paget     10
The Russell of Charlton Park Archive   by   M.Paget     10
Material for the Study of Charlton People pre 1700   by   M Paget     11
Finding a Photograph   by   E.Allen     12-17
Photographs   by   D.Wilkins     18-20
Charlton’s Eastenders   by   R.Seabright     21-28
A Cheltenham Architectural Firm   by   J Sale     29-32
More about Anthony Webb and his Property   by   M.Paget     32-34
Four Potter Weddings, 1862-1871   by   E.Armitage     34-37
Where was ‘Clofesho’? – review of Anglo-Saxon Councils c.     650-850 by Dr Catherine Cubitt (1995)   by   M.Paget     37-39
The Cheltenham Examiner lndex   by   D.Copson     39

Research Bulletin  40     Autumn 1998

Cover: Ivy Cottage, Ham (previously Mobleys)
Railway Wars at Charlton Kings   by   John C.Milner     1-5
Charlton Kings to Bunyip   by   Jane Sale     5-9
A ‘Cottage called Mobleys’   by   Jane Sale     9-12
Charles Smith: Hurdle Maker/Carpenter   by   Harold Booty     12-15
Natton Cottages, Ham and Charlton Place, London Road   by   Mary Paget     15-19
More about the Hamlett Family   by   Pauline Nelson     20-23
The Tuckers of Ham House   by   Lionel Bruce Tucker     24-30
The Moorend House Mystery   by   Mary Paget     30-35
Obituaries     35
The Chapman Family in South Africa   by   Kingsley Chapman     35-37
St Mary’s Bellringers – 1958 Photographs     38-39

Research Bulletin  41     Spring 1999

Cover: View from Glenfall School
Obituary     1
Proposed New Roads   by   Reg Seabright     1-3
My Days of Wine & Roses   by   Reg Seabright     3-5
Childhood of an Octogenarian   by   E.J.Winter     5 -13
Webbs Brickworks   by   E.J.Winter     13-17
Grave Opening     17
The 1672 Hearth Tax Exemption List   by   Patrick Pumphrey & Mary Paget     18
Population & Housing   by   Tony Sale     19
Giles Grevilles Trust   by   Mary Paget     20-21
Charlton Families and Leckhampton   by   Eric Miller & Mary Paget     21-22
Even More About the Hamlett Family   by   Gwendoline B Lane     22
Holy Apostles Church Inscriptions   by   Derek Copson     23-26
Charlton Kings Boys School Photographs     26-28
Charlton Cottage – Revision   by   Linda Hall     28-32
Charles Smith – Addition   by   Harold Booty     33
The Tuckers of Ham – Part 2   by   Bruce Tucker     33-34
Excerpts from Cheltenham Chronicle 1809-13 Comments by Mary Paget     34-37
Adverts in Ctuirch Magazine 1957   by   Mavis Prout     38-39

Research Bulletin  42     Autumn 1999

Cover: Hawthornes from Miss Powers Garden – 1920
Nancy Pringle   by   Mary Southerton     2
Nancy Beresford Pringle-Enthusiast   by   Derek Copson     3-4
Bert Mitchell   by   Mary Paget     4
More about Church House and Other Parish Properties   by   Mary Paget     4-10
Hawthornes and Spring Bottom Houses   by   Mary Paget     11-18
Hawthornes and Samuel Holland Healing   by   G. Husband & Mary Paget     19-26
Healing’s Death   by   Eric Armitage     26-27
King’s House and the McCanlises   by   Patrick McCanlis & Mary Paget     27-29
Bafford Farm Sale – 1811   by   Jane Sale     29-31
Uroscopy in Charlton Kings     31
Closure of Roads and Footpaths   by   Jane Sale     32-33
Development of Church Piece   by   Gwendoline B Lane & Mary Paget     34-35
The Will of Walter Parry   by   Mrs James     35-36
Extracts from Cheltenham Chronicle     36
Contact with the Past   by   Jane Sale     37
Corrections and Comments     38-40
Apprenticing a Charlton Girl   by   Mary Paget     40

Research Bulletin  43     Spring 2000

Cover: Tanty’s cottage
Tanty’s – Most Sketched House in Charlton Kings   by   Mary Paget     1-4
Photograph of Cider Press   by   Gwen Bray     6
Charlton Cottage, Further Revision   by   Linda Hall     7-13
Ashley Manor Freehold – Clue to Charlton Cottage?   by   Mary Paget     14
New Court Update   by   Mary Paget     14
Tenants at New Court 1744-94   by   Jane Sate     15
A Medieval Charlton Cleric   by   M. J. Greet     15
Paths and Streams Either Side of The Chelt   by   Reg Seabright     16-21
Deeds for 74 Ryeworth Road and     1 &     2 Somerset Place   by   Mary Paget     21-23
Recollections of Mr Tipper   by   W.Tipper     23
Will of John Hamlett   by   G. Lane     23-24
Dr Rivington   by   Frances Stobart     24-28
Note on Charlton Doctors in 1929   by   Mary Paget     28-29
Two Charlton Boys During WW1
    (i) Percy Bridgman     29
    (ii) The Late Percy James     30
Two Charlton Funerals
    (i) Admiral Peter Aplin     31
    (ii) Miss Martha Taylor     31
Canon Neale’s Death and funeral   by   M. L. Clarke     31-32
Gifts to the Society     32
Chapman Family Tree and Will   by   J. A. Stefan     33-34
Review – Cheltenham Probate Records ed. A.J.H.Sale   by   Mary Paget     34
Additions to Bulletin no. 42
    (i) Print at Hawthomes   by   P. Love     35
    (ii) Other Work of Holland Healing   by   Jane Sale     35
Additions to Bulletin no. 41
    (i) Webbs Brickyard   by   David R. Young     36
    (ii) Ditto Barbara Neve     36
(iii) Mr Adrian Norman   by   Mrs Norman     36
Miss Wilkins’ Photographs   by   Dr Wilkins     36-38
Advertisements in the Parish Magazine 1957   by   Mavis Prout     39-40

Research Bulletin  44     Autumn 2000

Cover: Old Ham Farm
Old Ham Farm   by   Linda Hall     1-12
History of Old Ham Farm Part 1   by   Jane Sale     13-14
The Pumfrey/Pumphrey Family in Charlton Kings   by   Patrick Pumfrey     15-17
Where Did The Pumpfreys/Pumphreys Live in Charlton Kings?   by   Mary Paget     18-21
The Eagle Gates – Plaque in Chariton Park   by   Jane Sale     22-25
Further Research on Thomas Robins   by   Jane Sale     25-27
Bill Neather and the Hitchins – The Last Cuslodian   by   Reg Seabright     28-30
Girls Friendly Society     31-33
Wliithome House Photograph     34
The Brown Boy   by   Mary Southeno. 35
Resiants of Charlton Kings – 1665   by   Jane Sale     35-36
    (i) Dlxon-Hartlartd Family   by   Mary Paget     37
    (ii) A Lost English County, Winchcombshire   by   Mary Paget     37
Cheltenham & Bath Gazette – 1817     37-38
Notes and Comments
    (i) Webbs Brickworks Chimney   by   David O’Connor 38
    (ii) Holy Apostles Window   by   Gwen Bray     38
    (iii)Hamlett Family Update   by   Pauline Nelson     38
    (iv) Dr Rivington   by   Frances Stobart     38
    (v) Hambxook House   by   Beryl Middleton     39
    (vi) Archdeacon Dundas   by   Mr and Mrs Iliffe     39
    (vii) Burrows Headstone   by   Mary Paget     40
    (viii) Example of Healings Work   by   Jane Sale     40

Research Bulletin  45     Spring 2001

Cover: A Sketch of St. Mary’s – 1830
Obituaries     1
A Sketch of St. Mary’s   by   Michael Coombs     1
Hawlf Measures: Gifts of Land in Ham and Charlton in C11 and C12   by   Michael Greet     2-4
Gaybreaches Adjoining Mountain Knoll   by   Joan Paget     4
The History of Old Ham Farm Part II   by   Mary Paget     5-12
Charlton Kings Charity Estate     12-16
Tenants Good and Bad   by   Jane Sale     16-17
Charlton Kings Fire Brigade, its Disbanding and The Bell   by   Mary Southerton     17-20
The Earlier History of Barns Hay   by   Joan Paget     20-22
William Harrison – The Mystery Benefactor   by   Jane Sale     22-24
More About Mobleys     24
The Garden at Hawthorns     25
Charlton Kings Memories   by   Percy Bridgman     26
The Chapel People and Memories   by   Reg Seabright     26-27
Mcrmories of the 1940s   by   E and J Stickley     27
Demolition of Houses on the Battledown Estate   by   David O’Connor 23-31
Licensee of Working Men’s Club Photograph     32
At Cheltenham Spa or Georgians in Georgian Town   by   Mary Paget     32-33
Notes and Comments
    (i) Dr Barrett Cardew   by   Ian Harris     33
    (ii) Josh’s Oak     33
Reviews   by   Mary Paget     34

Research Bulletin  46     Autumn 2001

Cover: The ‘Ancient Messuage’
1. The Development of Cudnall Street   by   Mary Paget     1-6
2. Terms Used in Title Deeds     7-8
3. East End Development and the Harris Family   by   Reg Seabright     9 -12
4. Francis Green – Wouldn’t or Couldn’t Pay?   by   Jane Sale     13-15
5. Francis Green’s House and Lands   by   Jane Sale     16-18
6. Withyholt Park   by   David Morgan     18-20
7. Charlton Kings and the Boer War   by   Mary Southerton     20-22
8. Alice Hilda Yonge (1883 -1934)   by   Derek Rowles     23-24
9. Leckhampton Quarry Railway and Charlton Kings   by   Mary Paget     25-26
10. Sydney Savory Buckman   by   Derek Copson     26-2S
11. The Garden at Whithorn   by   MrsJ Haslett     28 -30
12. William Gceville’s Family   by   Mary Paget     30-32
13. Land Tax and Poor Rate for Charlton Kings in 1715   by   Jane Sale     32-36
14. A Charlton Artist – Vic Holman   by   Mary Paget     36-39
15. Charlton Mill   by   Mary Paget     39
16. Review: The Flower Paintings of Thomas Robins the Younger   by   Mary Paget     39-40
17 Demise of a Noble Tree   by   Jane Sale     40

Research Bulletin  47     Spring 2002

Cover: Sketch of Telling & Coates Nurseries, when owned by James Wood,
Obituaries to Reg Seabright   by   Mary Paget     2
    Doreen Bliss     2
Telling and Coates Nursery   by   Mary Paget     3-8
Ivy Cottage – Church Street   by   Frances Stobart     9-12
The Manor and Manor Court Procedure   by   Jane Sale     13-15
George Ridge and Battledown – The Founder who Floundered   by   David O’Connor 16-23
The Smith-Hardwicke Wedding – “In Very Smart Style”   by   Mary Southerton     24-26
An Important Visitor to Charlton Kings Photograph     27
Early Landholders in Charlton & Naunton   by   Michael Greet     25-29
A Strange Story about the Holder and Packer Families – A Dying Bridegroom and Under Age Bride   by   Mary Paget     29-30
The Chicken Run/CLaypit Path   by   Mary Paget     30
The Homestead and The Church Fountain   by   Pat Love     31-33
How Things Have Changed in Charlton Kings   by   Percy Bridgman     33
Cudnall Post Office   by   Mary Paget     34
The Sandpit in Laundry Lane/New Court Road   by   Mary Paget     34-35
The Will of William Lamer   by   Jane Sale     36-38
The Original Crab End Cottage and the Spiers Family – Addition   by   Mary Paget     38-39
Restoration of Battledown House   by   David O’Connor 40
More about the Quarry Railway   by   Mary Paget     40

Research Bulletin  48     Autumn 2002

Cover: Southfield Farm
Obituaries: Bob Davis, Mrs Muriel Littlewood and Miss Eileen Ivelaw Chapman   by   Mary Paget     2
Southfteld Farm   by   Jane Sale     3 -14
William & Florence Earengey Two Success Stories   by   David O’Connor 15 -23
Sir William Compton & Cheltenham   by   Michael Greet     23
First Evidence of Ashley Manor   by   Michael Greet     24
Oakley Chapel: An Unlikely Possibility   by   Michael Greet     24-     25
Samuel William Greville Hamlett Photograph     25 -26
Newly-weds in Okus Road   by   Ann Hookey     27-29
Some Things Don’t Change Much   by   Mary Paget     30
Did Papworth Design a House in Charlton Kings?   by   Mary Paget     31
Victory Party Photographs     32-35
Gift to Society   by   Jane Sale     36-37
The Way We Were and The Way We Are   by   David O’Connor 38-39
Grave of Prisoner of War   by   Mary Paget     39
Trouble with the Local Board   by   Dorothy Clothier     39

Research Bulletin  49     Spring 2003

Cover: Photograph of Little Herberts Nature Reserve
The Kingham Railway Line   by   C J N Fletcher     1-7
Croft Road – Formerly Blind Lane   by   Mary Paget     8
      by   Jane Sale   by       9-11
      by   Percy Bridgeman     11
      by   Dolly Reeves     11
Millennenium Events and Commissions   by   Vivien Barr     12
      by   Doreen Bill     13-14
      by   Sheila Johnson     14
      by   Bnenda Simpson     14
      by   Jane Kane     15
Digging up a Stream   by   David O’Connor     16-20
The District Nurses of Charlton Kings   by   C M Howse     21-25
More About Southfield   by   Terry Enoch     25-26
      by   Michael Greet     27
Butchers Tiles Uncovered   by   Jane Sale   by       28 &     33-34
Coloured Photographs     29-32

100 Years Back   by   Ann Hookey     35-38
Overcrowding and TB in Charlton   by   Mary Paget     39-40
A Charlton Kings Hero   by   David O’Connor 41-44
Coins of the Realm     44
The Boer Four   by   Brian Lickman     45-49
Last Years of Arthur Mitchell   by   Jane Sale     50-52
Holy Apostles Processional Cross     52
The Making of Hales Road   by   Carolyn Greet     53-55
Grange Walk and Liability for Repair   by   Mary Paget     56-57
Sequel to the Story of the Earcngeys   by   David O’Connor 57
Reviews – Publications by Members     58
B.G.A.S. Record Series     59-60
GRO Accessions     61-62

Research Bulletin  50     Spring 2004

Cover: Photograph of Reginald and Elsie Burton at Simla in 1902
Editorial     2-4
Obituary to Joan Paget   by   Mary Southerton     5
The Burtons of Hambrook and Bafford Grange   by   David A O’Conno. 6-22
The Chapel and Chapel Cottage, Ryeworth Road   by   C P Love     23-26
‘Dead Mart’s Penny’   by   C P Love     26-27
The Evicted Tenants   by   Mary Southerton     28
A Country House Sale   by   Jane Sale     29-37
More About The Court House   by   Jane Sale     37
Twenty Five Years Ago – 1979   by   Ann Hookey     38-39
The Merryfellow Club-1956-7   by   Mary Paget     40     41
Cook/Higgins Wedding Photograph     42
Maundy Service at Gloucester   by   Sheila Pumell     43-45
Riot in Charlton Kings – a Star Chamber Case   by   Jill Barlow     46-48
Briton Riviere’s Gift to The Royal Academy   by   Jane Sale     49
The Writing on the Wall   by   C P Love     50-51
Extracts from the UDC Minutes   by   Mary Paget     52-     54
A Deed of 1350   by   Michael Greet     54
An Early Case of ‘Losing the Shirt off One’s Back   by   Jane Sale     55-56
Charlton Cottage & Crab End   by   Mary Paget     57
Place-Names in Ashley   by   Michael Greet & Jane Sale     58
Update on the Butchers’ Tiles   by   Jane Sale     59
Reviews     60
Queries     60

Research Bulletin  51     Spring 2005

Cover: Photograph of Hare Coursing Ring
Editorial     2-5
History out of Sight   by   John Bromley     6-16
A Common Field called Ryeworth Field   by   Jane Sale     17-19
Crime and Punishment in the     19th Century   by   Mary Southerton     20-26
The Marriage Market   by   Mary Southerton     26
More about Oxford Terrace     27-28
Annie’s Christmas Cards     29-32
Isaac Bel1 in Hampstead and Notes from Calendar of Records of Corporation of Gloucester   by   Michael Greet     33
Emily Place – its Residents and their Professions   by   Mary Wilcox     34-37
The Sisters of La Sainte Union     38-39
Elton, Cirencester Road   by   Jane Sale     40-43
Horticultural, Poultry and Industrial Society   by   Don Sherwell     44-46
Memories of Charlton Kings Schooldays   by   Geoff Bridgeman     47-50
Bafford Grange   by   David O’Connor 50-52
Charlton Kings UDC in the 1930s   by   Mary Paget     53-55
Charlton Kings Officer Awarded V.C.     57-58
We Have Been Warned   by   Don Sherwell     58
Reviews     59
Notes and Queries     60

Research Bulletin  52     Spring 2006

Cover: Coloured sketch by Beatrice Vassar-Smith Contents:
Editorial     2-3
Obituary to Eric Armitage   by   Mary Southerton     4
Sir Richard V Vassar-Sraith A True Gentleman   by   Mary Southerton     5-10
The Napoleonic Wars and their Impact On the People of Charlton Kings   by   Jane Sale     11 -16
History out of Sight   by   John Bromley     17-22
Memories of Milverton   by   Frances Stobart     23-25
The North Side of Church Street   by   Mary Paget     26-30
Evacuees in Charlton Kings: 1939-45   by   Ann Hookey     31-36
Chronology of Schools   by   George Marchant     37-38
Charlton Kings in 1588   by   Jane Sale     39-41
Census of 1801   by   Don Sherwell     42-44
Photograph of ‘Dad’ Ryland   by   Gwen Bray     44
Development of Ledmore Estate   by   Jane Sale     45-47
The Smiths of Balcarras House   by   David O’Connor 48-56
De Cheltenham Family and Charlton Kings   by   Michael Greet     57-58
Junior School Reunion   by   Geoff Bridgman     59-61
More about Emily Place   by   Jane Sale     62-64
Reviews     65

Research Bulletin  53     Spring 2007

Cover: Painting of Diamond Sanitary Laundry
Editorial and Review     2-3
Excavations in Sandy Lane – A Summary     4-7
Glenview (now Wideeombe), Harp Hill   by   Derek Copson     8-12
Tudor Clothing   by   Gillian Potter     13-20
The Diamond Sanitary Laundry   by   Jane Sale     21-27
Marcus Jacob Sisson – Another Life Revisited   by   David O’Connor 28-30
Events in Charlton Kings in 1907   by   Don Sherwell     31 —34
The Charlton Kings Choral Society   by   Ann Hookey     35-37
Marian Colmore-Belle of Cheltenham   by   Eric Miller     38-40
John Prinn – the Man   by   Jane Sale     41-45
The Prinn Library   by   Jane Sale     46-47
The Battlcdown Baker’s Bag   by   David O’ Conno. 48-51
The Militia and the Volunteers   by   Pat Love     52-58
Happenings b Charlton. Kings in 1891   by   Mary Southerton     59-62
A Charlton Kings Hoax     63
Notes and Comments     64

Research Bulletin  54     Spring 2008

Cover: Drawing of the Reading Room in the Working Men’s Club.
Editorial and Obituary     2-3
Gloucestershire Millenium   by   Jane Sale     4-7
Charlton Kings in the     19th Century   by   Mary Southerton     8-16
The Bridgman Family in Charlton Kings   by   Geoff Bridgman     17-19
Senior Citizens’ Welfare Committee   by   Don Sherwell     20-22
Death of Motoring Pioneer     22
‘View of Cheltenham’ by Thomas Robins   by   Jane Sale     23
Lady Russell’s Beetle Dress   by   Gillian Potter     24-30
Golden Jubilee – Sacred Hearts Church   by   Ann Hookey     31
Building on Garden Ground is Nothing New   by   Joyce Simpson     32-36
Tudor Will   by   Jane Sale     37-38
A Penultimate Tocsin   by   Michael Greet     38
Edward John Burrow   by   P J Pearce     39-41
The Manor of Ashley   by   Jane Sale     42-47
Moorend Road – Its History   by   David Morgan     48-54
The Public Spring   by   Jane Sale     55-56

Research Bulletin  55     Spring 2009

Cover: Photograph of Baltledown Manor
Editorial     2-3
Obituary to Susanne Fletcher   by   Jane Sale     4
Samuel Higgs Gael and Battledown Manor   by   David O’Connor 5-18
Review   by   Editor     18
Langton House   by   Mary Southerton     9-20
Amberley, 194 London Road   by   Jane Sale     21-25
Drinking Fountain at Holy Apostles   by   Ann Hookey     26-29
From Charlton to the World by Rail   by   Eric Miller     30-38
Charlton Park in the     20th Century   by   David Hanks     39-42
Cheltenham’s Local Newspapers before 1914   by   Don Sherwell     43-45
The Band of Mercy   by   Mary Southerton     46-47
Early Cheltenham Manor Court Rolls   by   Jane Sale     48-53
The Protherough Family   by   Margaret Hulbert     54-55
Moses Bradshaw – Clockmakcr   by   Jane Sale     56-60
British Association for Local History     60

Research Bulletin  56     Spring 2010

Cover: Photograph of Eagle at Entrance to St Edward’s School
Editorial     2-3
Obituary to Mary Paget   by   Jane Sale     4
The Eagle Gates   by   David Morgan     6-13
White Friars – A Brief History   by   Martin Ablett     14-17
Charlton Kings U. D. C   by   Mary Southerton     18-22
125 (Cheltenham) Squadron Air Training Corps   by   Andrew Baynes     23-26
Bonds in Charlton Kings Douglas Bond   by       27-31
Why Was     12 Inches so Important?   by   Jane Sale     31
More About Moses Bradshaw   by   Jane Sale     32-33
A History of Bafford Farm   by   Simon Woodley     34-37
St Mary’s Churchyard Extension   by   Jane Sale     38-43
Care of Kings House 1989-2009   by   Michelle Grainger     44-47
The Royal Hotel in Horsefair Street   by   Ann R Hookey     48-52
61 Ryeworth Road   by   Jane Sale     53-55
A Tribute to a Stalwart Councillor     55
Changing Names Strikes Again   by   David O ‘Conno. 56-57
Cutting From the Press     57
Charlton Kings in World War I   by   Jane Sale     58-59
Suggestions for Further Research     60

Research Bulletin  57     Spring 2011

Cover: Photograph of Professor Bofeys’ Advertising Banner
Editorial     2-3
The Lloyd George Survey   by   Anthea Jones     4-13
Two Henwood Cousins   by   Ann Hookey     14-16
100 Years of Scouting   by   Peter Newth     17-20
Haywards Road   by   Gail Jolley     21-25
Magic in Ryeworth   by   Jane Sale     26-31
A Chariton Kings Hero   by   David O’Connor 32-35
Nazareth House   by   Ann Hookey     36-38
James Humphris   by   David O’Connor 39-46
An Employment Agreement   by   Jane Sale     47-49
Church Piece Chapel   by   Martin Leonard     49 -50
Revd Seymour Chance   by   Mary Southeiton     51
Cattle Troughs in Charlton   by   Alan Underwood     52-53
Charlton Common Wall   by   Wayne Sedgwick     54-55
The Centenary Brick   by   David O’Connor 56
A Common Marriage   by   Jane Sale     57-58
Notes and Queries     58
Book Review   by   Jane Sale     59-60

Research Bulletin  58     Spring 2012

Editorial     2
The Two Lives of Harry Villar     3-18
‘The Vice President of the City of Charlton Kings’   by   Don Sherwell     19-20
Battledown Grange – Changing Guises   by   A House of David O’Connor 21-27
Jeffreys’s Itinerary or Travellers Companion   by   Peter Covey-Crump     28-30
How the Trams came to Charlton   by   David Morgan     31-36 Kings
A Charlton Kings Legal Precedent   by   David O’Connor 37-38
Exit From France 1940   by   Philip Warner     39-51
The Will of Elizabeth Reid   by   David O’Connor 52-54
Restoration of the Drinking Fountain   by   Ann Hookey     54
Our Home Front   by   Brian Lickman     55-59
Who’ll Help?   by   Anonomous     60
Back Cover: The Mayor’s Christmas Card-1897   by   Anonomous

Research Bulletin  59     Spring 2013

Editorial     1-2
The Last Years of Charlton Park   by   David O’Connor 3-8
A Grand Day Out   by   Michael Greet     9 -10
Frontiers and Wars   by   Jane Kirsten/David O’Connor 11-14
The Ogilby Road Map of 1675   by   David Morgan     15-18
Local History for Eight-Year Olds   by   David O’Connor 19-20
An Offence against the Licensing Acts   by   Margaret Hulbcrt     21
Ivy Cottage, Cudnall Street   by   Mary Southerton     22-25
Samuel Higgs Gael’s Revolutionary Relatives   by   David O’Connor, John and Beverley Wisdom     26-34
One of Our War Heroes   by   Yvonne Mitchell     35-36
Celebrating Royal Occasions   by   David O’Connor 37-40
Our Home Front-Part II   by   Brian Lickman     41 -46
The Story of Hamilton House   by   David O’Connor 47-51
The Old Railway through Charlton Kings   by   David Morgan     52-57
Buried in Woollen/ Who Was She?   by   Anonomous     58-59
Corrections and Comments     60
Back Cover: A Cottage in Charlton Kings….but where?

Research Bulletin  60     Spring 2014

Editorial     1-2
Lest We Forget   by   Ann Hookey     3 -4
Charles Cooke Higgs – An Eccentric Benefactor   by   David O’Connor 5-16
The Lilleybrook in Charlton Kings   by   David Morgan     17-23
Holy Apostles – in the Bishop’s Hands   by   David O’Connor 24-26
Living-in Servants in Charlton Kings 1841-1891   by   Mary Southerton     27-33
Who Was He?     34
Charlton Church Post Office   by   Dave Sage     35-38
Charlton Kings and its Catholic Community   by   David O’Connor 39-42
Sunday School Treats   by   Margaret Hulbert     43-44
The Ballinger Family – Are they Vikings?     44
The Missing Apostrophe   by   David O’Connor 45-47
Who Was She?     47
Our Home Front – Part III   by   Brian Lickman     48-53
The Unfortunate Denwood Harrison   by   David O’Connor 54-59
Another Successful Picture Identification     60
Corrections and Comments     60

Research Bulletin  61     Spring 2015

Cover: Samuel Higgs Gael, 1808-1887
Editorial     2
Emergency Rations   by   Virginia Adsett     3-9
The Gael Family: What’s in a Name?   by   David O’Connor 10-14
A Voice from the Past   by   David O’Connor 15-16
Jessie Scrivens – A Poet for Charlton Kings   by   David O’Connor 17-19
Charlton Kings Boys’ School in World War I   by   Joan Paget     20-23
The Gales of Charlton Kings – Where did they go?   by   David O’Connor 24-33
The Battlefields Revisited – 1929   by   Mags Hulbert     34-3     8
Who Were They / The Minimum Wage 1884     39
Sir William Joseph Jordan, P.C., K.C.M.G   by   Ann Hookey     40-43
The Reverend William Spencer Phillips   by   Colin Jamieson     43-44
Hiawatha’s Wedding     45
The Royal Visit-Health and Safety   by   Anonomous     46-47
Six Who Came Home   by   David O’Connor 48-50
The Third Category – Major Arthur Ing1is, DSO     51
Charlton Kings War Memorial – The Roll of the Fallen     52-60

Research Bulletin  62     Spring 2016

Cover: Glenure House, Cirencester Road, Charlton Kings
Editorial     2
Glcnure House – Origins and Owners   by   David O’Connor, John & Beverley Wisdom     3-12
The Brotherhood and Sisterhood     13
The Ashmeade Family – Home and Away   by   David O’Connor,     14-25
John & Beverley Wisdom
Frcdcrick Charles Harris   by   Ian Harris     26-27
Interned by the Japanese – Sumatra   by   Elizabeth Macnamara     28-32
Getting the Bird     32
Impressions of the Albert Hall Rally – 1929   by   Jessie Scrivens     33-34
The Haywards of Charlton Kings   by   James Linton     35-44
Money from Land-Sir William Russell   by   David O’Connor 45-48
Health and Safety-Charlton Kings Style     48
Difficulties of a Billeting Officer in WW2   by   Virginia Adsctt     49 -52
A Research Analysis Problem     52
A Charlton Kings Hero   by   David Adsett     53-54
A Barnstaple Poisoning   by   David Cawsey     55-56

Research Bulletin  63     Spring 2017

Editorial     2
Castleton House and Courtfield   by   David O’Connor, John and Beverley Wisdom     3-11
A Small Community of Dissenters 1689-1852   by   Anthea Jones     12-15
Miss Roche’s School   by   James Linton     16-28
Another Charlton Kings Hero   by   lan Harris     29-30
Memories of Childhood in Charlton Kings   by   Ian Shearwood     31 -33
The Bankruptcy of Major General English   by   David O’Connor, John and Beverley Wisdom     34-40
The One Who Did Not Get Away   by   Chris Bentall     41 -42
The Mansion That Charlton Kings Forgot   by   David O’Connor 43-47
Charlton Kings Stocks – Heritage Project     2015   by   Ann Hookey     48-49
Military Funerals-How it was Done   by   Anonomous     50-51
The Story of 7, Hambrook Street   by   David O’Connor 52-54
Cycling on Battledown-1908   by   David O’Connor 55-56
You Can’t Take It With You   by   Anonomous     57-58

Research Bulletin  64     Spring 2018

Editorial     1-2
The Potters of East Court   by   David O’Connor, John and Beverley Wisdom     3-11
Charlton Kings Return of Owners of Land 1873   by   David O’Connor 12-13
The Mystery of Rosie Peart   by   David O’Connor 14-15
A Poetic View of Charlton Kings in the 1850s   by   Carolyn Greet     16-22
Historical News Flash-Prince Albert Not Killed by Defective Sanitary Arrangements   by   Anonomous     23
The Perjury Charge against Captain Tonge   by   David O’Connor. 24-30
They Lie in the Churchyard – Who were they?   by   David O’Connor. 31-32
The Development of Chase Avenue   by   James Linton     33-35
The Sad Story of Ellen Sparrow   by   David O’Connor 36-38
Edwin and Louisa Cooper-A Labourer and Laundress who Prospered   by   James Linton     39-44
Our Ecumenical Wedding   by   Margaret Hulbert     45
In the Beginning     46-47

Research Bulletin  65 Summer 2019

The Finches of Charlton Kings   by   David O’Connor and John & Beverley Wisdom     3-13
The Two Lives of Thomas Witty Chandler   by   David O’Connor 14-16
Esther Annie’s Prayer Book   by   David O’Connor 17-18
He Lies in St Mary’s Churchyard – Who was he?   by   David O’Connor 19-20
St Mary’s Girls Friendly Society Folk Dance Team   by   Anonomous     20
Highgrove-The Story of a Victorian Villa   by   Chris Ing     21-33
Thomas Pates, Convict of Charlton Kings   by   Eileen Allen     34-41
A Voice from The Not-Too-Distant Past   by   David O’Connor 42-43
Four Men and a Church   by   Martin Leonard     44-49
Inspection of Driving Licences   by   The Autocar     50